Greatest Flix Volume II

A companion video released with Queen’s Greatest Hits album, entitled Greatest Flix II, were both released at the same time. It’s a collection of Queen’s Greatest Hits from 1981 to 1991.

Greatest Flix DVD

The video compilation has most of Queen’s killer hits from 1981 to 1991 and is a follow up to to Queen Greatest Flix. It was released less than a month before the death of Freddie Mercury, Queen’s Lead Singer, and was the last Queen release of any kind while he was still alive.

00:00 Show Must go on
01:57 A Kind Of Magic
06:18 Under Pressure
10:14 Radio Ga Ga
16:01 I Want It All
20:04 I Want To Break Free
24:32 Innuendo. 31:18 It’s A Hard Life
35:26 Breakthru
39:45 Who Wants To Live Forever
43:51 Headlong
48:42 The Miracle
54:00 I’m Going Slightly Mad
58:40 The Invisible Man
1:03:04 Hammer To Fall
1:06:49 Friends Will Be Friends
1:11:11 The Show Must Go On
1:15:34 One Vision.
Greatest Flix Volume 1 and 2

Greatest Flix volume I

It’s 1981 Queen has released the promotional block buster video compilation “Greatest Flix”. This was perhaps the very first video collection of it’s type to be assembled by any artist (eventually copied by others through the years). Containing a total of 18 clips. This video has several clips that the follow-up video “Greatest Hits” didn’t haven’t have like “Spread Your Wings,” “Love of My Life,” “Flash’s Theme,” and a different version of “Killer Queen”.

What is included in this video is Rock’s first ever promotional video titled “Bohemian Rhapsody,” of course the classics — “We Will Rock You,” “You’re My Best Friend,” “Another One Bites the Dust,” “Don’t Stop Me Know,” and many others. “Released in conjunction with the album Greatest Hits and the photo book Greatest Pix, Greatest Flix has proven to be one of the more memorable and significant music home videos ever released.”

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